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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Thyroid September 2020

 Vol 3 No 9


Differenciating TSH-omas from resistance to thyroid hormone Beta using somatostatin analogue test. Han Rulai and colleagues studied 32 TSHomas and 20 RTH using 3 doses of sandostatin 100 mcg every 8 hours and measuring serum TSH levels at 0-2-4-6-8-24h. They saw that TSH levels ratio at every point/TSH at 2h clearly discriminated both entities (see figure).


Surufatinib phase II for locally advanced or metastatic DTC or MTC. Cheng Jiaying from Shanghai found overall disease control in 85-95% of cases with disease-free survival of about 11 months. Hypertension (20%), proteinuria (10%) and pulmonary inflammation (5%) were the most common adverse effect. 

Thyroseq v3 in cytologically indeterminated thyroid nodules. Chen, from Montreal studied 50 patients with Bethesda 3 (21) or 4 (29) using thyroseq V3 and operated according to results. 20 (6/21 Bethesda 3 and 14/29 B4) patients were + for malignancy, 24 were - , and 6 negative but doubtful. Predictive value was excellent: 20 out of 22 operated patients (all 20 positives patients and 2 doubtful) proved malignant. Curiously, all neoplasms but 2 were papillary, just 1 folicular (B3) and 1 hürthle (B4). 

Quite a lot of more stuff, but mostly basic science, unapproachable for a simple clinicial like me.

Hope you enjoy it.